The Latest, but NEVER the Greatest

The other day I came across what has to be the latest (but never the greatest) diet fad. Or, maybe it is one of the latest-or the one that came out before the latest.

Whichever it is, it is definitely not the greatest. But, then again, they never are.

I’ve heard about points and diet to go and eating cabbage all day long.

And, since starting Girl Eat, I’ve tried to keep an eye out for the diet fads that rock our nation, one at a sorry time.

The truth is they are never the greatest.

This one, started by Dr. Dadamo, says that we must all eat based on our blood type.

Which means, for starters, that my colleague cannot eat wheat. Because of her blood type. Her. Blood. Type.


And, I ask myself, do we ever think about our predecessors? The ones that came before us?

Sure, they might not have had available to them the amount of processed food we do, but they also did not have available to them as much fast and healthy food.

Sure, they had health problems. So do we. Heart disease is still the number one killer of women in America. Just read that on twitter.

And, sure, we might have gotten healthier over the years-maybe. Maybe not.

They did not have our rates of obesity.

It’s funny. You would think with all these diet products and all these diet fads weight loss would no longer be a problem. A lifelong quest. The holy grail of life.

Turns out, these diet fads might just not be working, people.

and they just might be making us miserable.

The same day i learned about this blood type diet I ran across someone who could not eat gluten.

Isn’t it funny how we take so much for granted and keep ourselves from enjoying some of life’s most wonderful pleasures-pleasures some cannot enjoy?

Rethink it people and slab a little butter on that bread. If you grandma lived to be ninety something so can you.


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