There was a time when I tried to figure out what I wanted to eat by what I had eaten before, how much, and what kind. What I ate that whole day or the night before.

Foods that fueled me.
Foods that made me feel a certain way.
Foods that made sense.

It turned out over time that the patterns did not work.
The predictions did not make sense.
And my plans were failing.

And there was a very good reason for that. I was trying to figure out what I wanted based on what I wanted before, how much and what kind and NOT what I wanted right now. Right now.

Save yourself the trouble and let your body tell you what you want to eat, how much and what kind. The patterns may be helpful. The patterns might be easy. The patterns might feel safe. But in the end the patterns do not feel right and your purpose is defeated.

So instead figure out what you actually want and do not settle for what worked last time. You never know, you might find it works even better.


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