Ice Cream and Cake

all of a sudden today I felt like a little bowl of ice cream and cake.

no occasion.

no big special day.

no one’s birthday. or anniversary. or holiday.

but, still, i wanted ice cream and cake.

and, so what, right? so what.

so tomorrow, or maybe the next day, but as soon as i can, i will have ice cream and cake.

and, it will be that. ice cream. and cake.

for many people, the craving does not get satisfied. for many of us we take ice cream and cake and turn it into something we think is healthier. like graham crackers and fro yo. no thank you.

or a protein bar. seriously?

or a fruit smoothie with a little chocolate syrup and maybe, gasp!, a small piece of angel food cake?

but sometimes, just sometimes, our bodies want something that is so much better than any of that. and it is fooling no one but ourselves if we think a protein bar will cut it.

or a fruit smoothie.

or even the graham crackers.

because while most of the time these might do the job and quell a sweet tooth or a body craving for sweet sugar yum yum, sometimes, just sometimes, they just can’t get the job done. and that’s when you call in the big boys.

that’s when you call in exactly what you want. what you need. and it’s ok. it’s not crazy. it’s not haphazard. and it certainly isn’t dangerous. no sir.

it’s ice cream and cake.

and sometimes, just sometimes, it’s just that.



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