New York Soda Ban

The New York Board of Health approved a ban on large, sugary drinks in restaurants, movie theaters, stadiums. I’m not a fan of this measure. Here’s why:

  • Whatever happened to choice? CHOICE, people, CHOICE. I’m a decently healthy eater and if I want a giant Coca Cola at the movies so be it. It’s not a controlled substance.
  • One drink at a movie theater does not make a person obese, or in danger of it. Moderation is key, and this policy disregards the moderates.
  • If it is large amounts of soda causing an individual health problems do you really think this kind of ban is going to make this individual stop drinking unhealthily large amounts of soda? Doubtful.

Perhaps there are things Government can do.

More education on health and nutrition, for one.

More labeling on food items so people know what they are consuming, maybe.

More emphasis on physical activity as the means to get healthy.

Less stressful work environments.

The list goes on and on, but there’s one thing not on that list. Banning large sodas in a movie theater won’t help.

And, if this trend spreads, how am I ever going to smuggle a giant cherry coke into a movie theater?


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