There is a range of hunger I learned a while ago. On one extreme you have starvation and on the other you have absolutely overstuffed sick.

I try, in daily practice, to fall comfortably in the middle of two extremes. But, sometimes, sometimes,

Sometimes, like last night, I come home from a LONG day at work and I am STARVING. And, I haven’t eaten ALL DAY really except for little snacks here and there that felt like nothing must have real food now.now.now. and Boy Eat has already made dinner by the time I walk into the house. And, it’s pasta. My favorite. (well, one of my top three for sure).

Pasta doused in deliciously from scratch made marinara sauce, sauteed yellow squash, and delicious bread rolls to dip in pools of olive oil.

Sometimes, sometimes, it’s ok to step away from daily practice.

Sometimes, it’s okay to eat past full.

And, there’s no making up for it.

And, every spoonful of glorifyingly delicious pasta just tastes better and better and better. And, every single bite is worth it.

When I started this website I did it because I was tired of all the madness around dieting. I was tired of all the media messages about how all of us could be thinner, thinner, thinner. I was tired of supermodels that looked like they had not eaten in weeks. I was tired of growing numbers of women getting eating disorders. I was tired of health food becoming a punishment not a joy. I was tired of hearing women all around me, at work, in my social life, fear and detest food and obsess over their weight, and not their health or their joy. I was tired of fad diets, and those last five pounds.

And, this website is still about all that. But, tonight, it’s also about something else.

Tonight, it’s about remembering how good it is to dip a soft, doughy roll into a pool of olive oil and enjoy every last bite. We must remember how absolutely joyous food can be, how absolutely wonderful the experience of taste can be.

Sometimes, that’s all that really matters.


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