I’d like to make it through one evening without a commercial that tells me how awesomely wonderful it is that I can

replace soda with water. pretty certain I knew that.

eat chocolate crisps instead of real chocolate to satisfy my chocolate craving. ditto.

eat activia every day. got it.

I remember a time when food commercials were actually about food. Wacky-isn’t it? As consumers we always knew that we could make choices, between the “healthier” water and the “tastier” soda. But we also knew that sometimes, sometimes, you just wanted a coca cola. Sometimes I miss those commercials, with the polar bears for Coca Cola and the rabbit for Trix and the kids screaming for more mac and cheese (okay, maybe that was me and not a commercial at all), being the food commercials. Sure, there is some value to the occasional reminder via commercial that there are ways to eat healthy and they are not all that difficult but I think I could do without the constant reminder that there is yet another something I can replace in my food repertoire to save me gasp! fifteen more calories.

Maybe it’s because sometimes those 100 calories I get when I eat chocolate just don’t matter. gasp! And, maybe it’s also because those 100 calories I save when I eat a chocolate crisp instead of real chocolate aren’t worth it at all.


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