The Real Healthy

We get so caught up sometimes with our whole grains, veggies, fruits, not too much soda, get enough calcium, health message mayhem, we forget sometimes what it is like to not be healthy.  We forget sometimes, actually, how healthy we really are.

I hear people say they fell off the wagon when they eat an ice cream cone or a big dessert and how they have to get back on track the next day. Seems like a pretty high standard if you fall off with one ice cream cone.

Mom Eat has always taught me about the real healthy. No matter how much I dieted or changed how I ate or stopped eating chocolate (my dear goodness how could I have ever stopped eating chocolate), Mom Eat stood by, telling me a little chocolate every  now and then made the world go round. Well, not really, but it was worth the occasional chocolate created this smile joy.

She taught me to eat my fruits and veggies. She taught me to be active. She taught me the real healthy, and finally, years later, I started to listen.

Tomorrow, my mom has knee surgery, and my whole life I always admired what an absolute trooper she was, through everything. I am an absolutely horrible patient, freaking out at the moment I make the doctor’s appointment all the way through wisdom tooth surgery and until that final day when I still feel a little down. I am not an easy patient.

Not my mom, though. No matter how sick, how much in pain, she was always there for me. And I never thought the day would come when I would be there for her, or when she’d even need me to be. And, right when I start getting a little choked up about it I get this message from her:

Want to bring your laundry with you when you visit me this weekend? By then I should be able to do it for you.

Thanks Mom Eat for always being such a trooper, and thanks for teaching me what the real healthy really is.


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