It’s not an uncommon story.

She was craving chocolate, a brownie, or a cookie-she was not picky. She could taste the chocolate in her mouth. Her whole body reacted to the mere thought of chocolate. Smooth. Creamy. Dark. Chocolate. She had to have it. Now. Now. Now.

But, to be good, she ate a handful of carrot sticks. Then she really really wanted something sweet, something sweet like chocolate so she ate a handful of cinnamon pita chips, dipped in fat free vanilla frozen yogurt. Then she realized what she had really wanted was chocolate, so she ate a small spoon of sugar free chocolate syrup. Oh, yes. Yes. Yes. That’s what I’m talking about.

Turns out she might as well have had that cookie.

The truth is sometimes we run from the things we want the most. Maybe because we are afraid that if we just eat that chocolate we won’t stop eating. Or, we think if we make that “healthy” choice now it puts us one step closer to whatever our healthy goal of the month is. Or maybe we commend ourselves for not having chocolate when we wanted to.

The truth is that we may as well just have a cookie. In fact, that one cookie or brownie, that one delectable, satisfying melty ooey goooey chocolate chip cookie, or brownie might be exactly what we want. You can’t put a price on that kind of satisfaction.  It’s definitely worth taking the chance-after all this is chocolate we are talking about.


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