Would You Rather

The other day we played would you rather? You know, the crazy cool game where you choose between two mostly bad scenarios and figure out which you would rather (and sometimes good scenarios, love love love the good scenarios)

Like, would you rather

eat snake or fight one?

Either way let’s face it, you lose, but it’s a great way to get to know someone, how they think, what makes them tick.

Playing the game I wondered, how many of us could benefit from playing the game in our own lives?

Would I rather sleep an extra fifteen minutes or be at work on time, or even a few minutes early?

Would I rather pack my lunch the night before or be hectic in the morning, or, worse, skip lunch because I did not bring food with me to work? silly food allergy silly silly suck suck.

And, the game could go on.

Would I rather buy the pair of jeans that actually fits me or try to squeeze myself into a size lower and then be able to think ooh I’m that size?

Would I rather eat that brownie or deprive myself and wistfully think about chocolate? chocolate. chocolate. mmm mmm chocolate

Would I rather stay active and healthy or forgo physical exercise to be a slug?

The point is the choices are ours. And, despite the media’s/fashion industry’s/society’s attempts to make us think these choices have already been made for us, they haven’t. They are ours. And, sure, maybe that won’t change the fact that the going size for a supermodel is a double zero, but it might change something even more important than that. It might change your life. And, seriously, wouldn’t you rather that?


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