Status Quo

I thought when I came back from my wedding I would just let loose. Cut my hair short. Maintenance free.

Eat lots of desserts.


And, go back to my ordinary life, status quo.

I thought that when I came back from my wedding I would just let go. No more worry about improving myself or changing things or mixing things up, and then, wedding over (in all of 15 minutes), I realized I had just begun.

I think it is easy as a girl to look forward to that day-the big day. The wedding day.

To the contrary I was never that girl. In fact I never thought I’d even get married, until Boy Eat came along. Even then, I didn’t plan some fantasy wedding in my head where I would dress up like Cinderella and ride to the event in a white carriage. I wanted a small ceremony, just us and family, on a beach. And, that’s exactly what I did.

But, like most people, I tried (and so did Boy Eat) to be extra healthy before our trip and wedding. Less sugar. More activity. 100 calories burned here and there.

And, after that prep work, I thought I’d come back and just chill. And I got a very different result.

The trip and wedding were wonderful but right after I thought hmmm, what now?

The funny thing is right now there’s no one reason to be in shape or get in shape or stay in shape. No wedding. No vacation. Just me. I could sit around eating brownies all day if I wanted to.

And suddenly I realized,

I did not just get healthier for a wedding. I did it for me.

Which means where I landed is the inevitable result-because, wedding or no wedding, there’s still me to be happy with. And, looking at those photos, as beautiful as they are, I see many things I still want to do-with me, and my life.

Getting married is a wonderful, beautiful thing but it is definitely not an end goal. Neither is bouncing back from the holidays or a high school reunion. There’s no reason for us to get in shape for a particular occasion or diet for a certain day. There’s never any reason to change our whole lives for fifteen minutes of fame or one tiny swimsuit. There is good reason, though, to take care of ourselves all the time, the best we can, which includes enjoying the occasional dessert.

The end goal mindframe keeps us bouncing between a healthier and not so healthy lifestyle when in fact the healthiest lifestyle most likely falls somewhere in between, in between the detoxes and fad diets and the overindulging every single meal. There is most likely a healthy status quo that includes the best of all worlds, good food and good workouts.

Turns out, there is no end goal. In fact, they are all just beginnings.


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