Your Own Worst Enemy

When you look in the mirror, what do you see?

The eyes your mom thinks are beautiful?

The shiny hair everyone compliments you on?

The smile that makes your boyfriend’s eyes light up?

Or, do you see something else, something different, something bad?

Do you see the two or three pounds you think you need to lose?

Do you see someone that “needs work”?

Do you see someone you wish were beautiful?

Perhaps, there’s no work needed at all.

Perhaps, it isn’t the you staring back from the mirror.

Perhaps, it’s you.

You might have become your own worst enemy.

So, the next time you stare into that mirror, in a fitting room, in your bathroom, in your car, or into that tiny little mirror you might keep in your purse,

Or the next time you see yourself in photographs,

Ask yourself this. If it weren’t you staring back at you, what would you think? If that someone staring back at you were someone else, would you suddenly realize how beautiful her eyes are? How shiny her hair?? How perfect her smile?

And, maybe, just maybe, you’ll become what you really should be. Your own best friend.



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