So many times we do not feel well and we are quick to come up with a reason.

Bug. Not enough fiber lately. Not enough protein lately. Not enough, too much, this or that.

And, we try different things. Ginger ale. rest. Advil.

And, a glass or two of water, after hearing from MomEat that fluids are good. If you are not feeling well DRINK PLENTY OF FLUIDS.

Then, as we drink some water, we realize how thirsty we are suddenly. How water did not sound good AT ALL but suddenly it feels like we are drinking from the fountain of LIFE.

Well, there’s one simple reason.


And, suddenly you think to yourself, when is the last time I drank water?

It’s nasty.

It’s ugly.

And, it hides from you. It makes you feel tired. nauseous. cranky. fatigued. headachey.

And, suddenly, you realize there’s no good reason for making yourself feel so bad. a busy schedule. a hectic day. no time to get water. water did not taste good. tired of water.

Do what you have to do. Add some lemon. Some ginger. Cucumbers. Oranges. Limes.

In these dog days of summer, remember this. Keep it simple, sweetie, and drink up.  Don’t let the dog days of summer dehyrate you.



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