My Happy Weight

A while ago, Self magazine did a great article on Happy Weight, that number that gives you the freedom to indulge while also looking and feeling your best.

Eating intuitively has helped me reach a weight that allows me to:

  • indulge in the occasional fudgy brownie
  • have the energy to exercise
  • feel good about how I look

It’s funny.  I think sometimes the media would have us believe that losing weight is ALWAYS a good thing-that taking off a few extra pounds might win us a gold star, or two.  But, sometimes, we reach our happy place, our happy weight, our little niche on the scale. Sometimes, we reach that place and it’s time we just enjoy ourselves.

Perhaps we should not get carried away with the constant need to be thinner, exercise more, and instead be content with our bodies as they are, healthy, working, chocolate enjoying machines.

Here’s to health, and contentment.


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