How Barney’s Stole Christmas

After a two week vacation I came back to reality…and the realization that it was about time I started to work on Girl Eat again.

That realization hit me like a ton of bricks the minute I read THIS story:

Skinnifying Minnie for the holidays!

Barney’s: Busted!

So, just in case you have not heard this latest in the stream of For God’s sake people, why don’t we just start painting all over billboards pretty=thin little girls, follow along okay?? This is the latest.

Barney’s is launching an all new campaign this year, just in time for the holiday marketing extravaganza, and, this time, it’s using some of our most beloved characters.

Minnie Mouse.

Daisy Duck.

Yup, that’s right. Barney’s has decided to turn Minnie, Daisy!, into supermodels. And, although there’s nothing wrong in seeing a polka dot doused Minnie Mouse strut her stuff, there is definitely something wrong when you decide to emaciate her for the part, to where I suppose Barney’s was thinking, a supermodel would be. How a supermodel would look.

And, I refuse to even post photos of this abomination here because seriously, they make me feel sick. If you’re curious, though, google it. It might be worth your while.

Fan-freaking-tastic Barney’s. Push us back as much as you possibly can with this nonsense. That’s right little girls, starve yourselves and make yourselves as thin as freaking possible and maybe one day there’ll be a picture of you in pretty clothes on bags all over America. Maybe. Just maybe.

Really, Barney’s? I mean are you FREAKING KIDDING ME? Not only do these major media spouting companies use supermodels that do not look healthy, now they’re gonna skinnify Minnie? NOT COOL. JUST NOT COOL.

SO for real Barney’s if there is any chance in the world you happen to read this, stop this madness and let’s see the Minnie we all love, the curvy, happy Minnie, the one that would still eat an ice cream cone. The one that smiles. I think I can practically see the ribs on this one. GROSS.

So for all the little girls and ladies out there for what it’s worth I’m pretty sure Mickey would like to feed skinnified Minnie a brownie or two, or three or four. And, for the record, I think healthier Minnie was a lot better looking.

Maybe we can take this whole Barney’s spectacle and turn it around, not fall for the usual don’t eat don’t eat thin=pretty garbage and instead think this. Minnie did look better healthier. And, if she did, don’t we all?

And, for those of us who are affected by this garbage message, shame on you Barney’s. Shame on you.



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