On a Lark

Breakfast wanted.


peanut butter



And, I’m tired of oatmeal. So please, please don’t give me the obvious response.

Then, I went looking.

surf surf google google dot dot dot

And, I found it, thanks to gingerbreadbagels.com who in my mind now must be a culinary genius of some kind and I have to give gingerbreadbagels credit here because not only did you save my Sunday morning breakfast, but you also made me realize how lucky we are to live in a world where I can just google oatmeal banana peanut butter breakfast bar and have a recipe.

Just like that.

Anytime I want.

So, today, I am grateful.

At how much easier it has become to eat healthy.

At how much easier it has become to find a recipe.

At how much easier it is to eat delicious food.

Thank you, gingerbreadbagels. And, thank you to ALL the food bloggers out there that give me so many ideas every single day and every single week and give my whole family so many delicious things to eat.

Sunday morning, Boy Eat and I whipped up a quick batch of oatmeal banana peanut butter squares. Mmm. And, to think I would have just had oatmeal.


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