There’s some new “revolutionary” and today’s diet hitting the “market.” The FDA is doing its best to BAN it. 



And, somewhere between the idea of little drops of hormone that you take in a few times a day, and the 500 CALORIE A DAY RESTRICTION PHASE (500 CALORIES A DAY, PEOPLE. THIS IS NO LAUGHING MATTER. NOT AT ALL), I got a little freaked out. Okay, I got a lot freaked out.

First off, and before I get into Oh my freaking goodness why do we do this to ourselves, I wonder this. What absolute lengths are we willing to go to for weight loss, thinness, absolute and incorrect versions of perfection in human body form?

Second, and more seriously, people, I mean really, really seriously, Seriously? Could this even be happening? Could this be true?

Well, the answers are scary.

Apparently, people are willing to go to these lengths, and, as for whether it is really happening, whether it could really be true? Yes, and yes again. And it hurts just to write that.

Turns out that there are actually people who for some absolutely horrifying and as a society we are FAILING BAD reason have decided to order this ridiculousness SOMETIMES ONLINE on their own and taking on this monster plan for thinness/weight loss/erroneous perfection in human body form.

Others are getting this HORMONE SCARY SUBSTANCE NO DON’T TAKE IT PLEASE from you name it. Weight loss centers, I’ve heard? Even some doctors, maybe?

Regardless, what really worries me is this. What it sounds like, from WIKI, thank goodness for Wiki, and other websites, and FDA related discussions is that while there has been NO PROVEN LINK between this hormone and losing weight, the “PLAN” tells you to eat 500 CALORIES A DAY, at least for part of it. And, what part is that exactly? The part where people pass out? The part where that is not enough calories for your body to even function? (And, I’m talking about the basics, like hair growth, nails, heart, brain, yeah-that kind of thing).

Turns out, this is STARVATION. PURE and SIMPLE. And, if it takes starvation to get the kind of body you think you want then that is not your body. It couldn’t be, because there is no way it is even working. And if a machine isn’t working it really ceases to be right? So, follow me here.

NO starving.

NO weird hormones.

Just eat.

Stay active.

And love yourself. More than anyone else in the whole freaking world because if you’re not going to then my goodness who will.

Please, people. Please. Let’s not fall for this and break all our hearts when people start getting really hurt from this stuff.

It’s not legal.

It’s not safe.

It’s not worth it.

Be safe out there.



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