Thank You, Dr. Oz

I’m not a loyal follower of Dr. Oz. In fact everything I know about Dr. Oz comes from the two Dr. Oz shows I have ever seen. This afternoon, I watched the Dr. Oz show for the second time ever, and I’m glad I did.

The show’s theme was a Curvy Girl Celebration, a show to celebrate women’s curves.  Dr. Oz started the show with information that actual scientific studies have been done to show that men’s brains are actually tailored to be attracted to women with curves, not women who appeared starved or twig-like that are displayed on so many runways and on the covers of so many fashion magazines.

Dr. Oz emphasized throughout the show a message that I wholeheartedly believe in: Women should love their curves AND women should be healthy. Both. Not one or the other. Not neither. Both.

Dr. Oz addressed us all when he said that we should appreciate our curves, flaunt our curves, and show off our curves, but he made a point to say that all women needed to be healthy. Dr. Oz pointed out ways to be healthy but NOT lose your beautiful curves.

Now, the reason this message is so appealing is that too often in our society/world we are bombarded by photos of women who appear unrealistically thin and are paraded around as our beauty ideals, when, in fact, if we have any sense at all, what we will really want to do is just feed these women a brownie, or two.

You see, we have left health so far behind in the dust when it comes to talking about beauty that what we are left with is a beauty ideal that is just the opposite-not healthy.

So, thank you, Dr. Oz, for pointing out something that should be brutally obvious to the world but sadly is not. Our curves make us who we are. Like Mom Eat always told me (and still tells me) these curves separate us from the men…these curves are what make us women.

And, while I might not have loved some of th

And, there’s a beautiful combination of curvy and healthy that could rock any man’s world. Even more importantly, it could rock your world, and the whole world around you, too.


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