Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

One day this week I noticed an aberration in routine.

Boy Eat, an absolute intuitive eater, unbeknownst to him of course, grazed on food off and on all day then finally ate a meal around 9 p.m. Breakfast had been cereal. No lunch. A yogurt. Some figs. A glass of orange juice. Then, dinner.

It’s funny, because this is usually how Boy Eat eats. No thought to I must eat breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. In that order, and timed throughout the day. No “planned snacks”. No “balancing his meals.” Just eating. Whatever his body feels like, when it feels like, however much it feels like. The true definition of intuitive eating.

And, it works for him. He feels good. He works out. He sleeps well.

All in all, I think Boy Eat might have stumbled onto something here.

Turns out, breakfast lunch and dinner, while carefully thought out to fuel us throughout our day, isn’t set in stone. Our bodies need fuel all day, every day, in bits and pieces, to get us through whatever we are dealing with: job, housework, chores, errands, children, husbands, and everything else. And, some days, there’s really no need to bog ourselves down with a strict eating pattern. In fact, probably, most days it isn’t necessary to bog ourselves down with a strict eating pattern.

Sometimes, a snack or two all day is what we really want. Sometimes, we want to skip dinner and just go to bed. Sometimes, breakfast sounds like too much and a warm latte gets us through our morning. And, all of that’s ok. In fact, sometimes, a little aberration is good for you. It has to be, right? It couldn’t be that we should all be slaves to the same repetitive eating pattern every single day.

So, try this with me. Listen to your body, and eat whatever it wants, whenever it wants. (what it truly wants, that is, not just what sounds like it would taste really really good-although sometimes that’s good too). Maybe some days we don’t have to eat breakfast, lunch, dinner. And, maybe, some days we do.


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