The Stigma of Ready-Made

A few weeks ago, on a whim, Boy Eat and I took a fun trip to the Indian grocery store.  Inside, I found a world of delights.

The chutneys.

The spices.

The pickles.

But, to my utter and total and unbelievably awesome surprise, I also found ready-made meals that I could eat. With an allergy. A food allergy. A soy allergy. And-as if this were not enough to make my little heart sing sang song, turns out, these meals were also gasp! relatively healthy/nutritious/made from good for you real ingredients.

Go India. That’s right. You rock.

Some of my most favoritest Indian foods in the whole world in little tiny boxes ready to be nuked. Now, this is not the way I eat every single day but my goodness,

after a long day at work,

after a long day of cleaning house,

or working on job applications…

Sometimes, sometimes, a girl just needs a little easy. And, despite my ever so casual attitude about my soy allergy, one thing a food allergy takes from you is easy.

Easy snacks. Easy lunches. Easy food.

But, sometimes, too, you get surprised, and when you least expect it. Like at the Indian grocery store. So there I stood in awe of the many Indian delights (and despite Mom Eat’s absolute and total devotion to bringing me delicious food every single week this also coincided with me wanting to give her a little break due to recent knee problems. Get better, Mom Eat!)…and I wondered to myself.

Is this ok? Is there something wrong with this?

See, I grew up in a house where Mom Eat cooked every single day, without fail, like farm fresh to table style. And, now, this was different. Boxed. Different. And, that’s when it hit me. We have a stigma about ready made food-most likely because when I was a child, ready made food meant food I did not eat in frozen containers that looked like plastic when it was microwaved. Boy, have we come a long way. Yes we have.

And now these Indian delights (Swad, if you’re out there, you are my hero), bring me some of my most favorite Indian meals without the work. And they give me time to focus on what’s truly important to me. Like watching tv with Mom Eat. Or playing video games with Boy Eat. And, despite the pressures to cook, and despite the stigma of ready made food, isn’t it worth that to enjoy good, relatively healthy food (way healthier than you would think) fast, and easy.

Oh yes, I think it is.

Let’s eat.


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