Someone’s Fat

I cannot stand it.

I cannot take it.

I don’t understand it.

And, we should rail against it.

Stand up and shout.  Scream at the top of our lungs.  Scream until they hear us.  Scream until they stop.

Jennifer Lawrence, star of what people are saying is one of the bestest movies ever, is defending herself against claims that she is What? Fat? Too Fat? Too Fat to be in the movie?  Come on people. Come on.

This does not even really dignify a response but unfortunately, I cannot just sit here and take this kind of attack on a Tuesday morning when I am glancing at the internet for a short break from work.  Come on people.  Come on.

Whoever out there thinks Jennifer Lawrence is fat! Gasp! What?  Healthy beautiful Jennifer Lawrence? Say. What. That person.  He or she needs to sit and think about what terrible thoughts, terrible messages like this create.

Like eating disorders.

Like teenage girls and preteen girls that think they have to diet to stay thin to be worthy and beautiful and loved by everyone. 

Like men and women who never stop dieting.

Like a diet industry that is overwhelming, media that is corrupting.

We have lost sight of our true health, our true joys, true beauty.  Let’s stop the madness. Stop reading, people.  This just isn’t worth your time.  Let’s stand together on this one.  Starting right now.

Rock on Jennifer Lawrence, and thank you for staying strong and trying to teach us, yet again, what true beauty truly is.


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