Good Girl, Bad Girl

I was watching one of my all-time favorite tv shows in reruns the other night with Boy Eat and one scene struck me.

You see, without giving too much away here, let me tell you about it.  Basically, you have your lead actress who’s hopelessly dateless and runs into her unbelievably good looking ex boyfriend, and his new girlfriend.  Turns out, his new girlfriend is a tad bit on the heavier side. She’s bigger than our favored lead. In fact, she’s probably twice the size. And, there are laughs because she’s also kind of annoying.  Then come the jokes about him being with this woman and how there MUST be something going on here because hello! he chose a larger chick over our favored lead actress. WHAT?

And, I wondered in my head. How many of us see this and think to ourselves why would he be with her? especially after he was with our favored thin lead actress?

Oh me. Oh my. And unlike when I use these words to describe melt in my mouth chocolate chip cookies or pizza on pizza night, this time, I mean them in all seriousness.  I mean, come on people, how low can we go? HOW LOW?

Really, we cannot just believe that he might be in love with this girl? Do we honestly believe her size basically strikes out any possibility of true romance, and, if so, do we base these thoughts on the real world, our own experiences, what we see every day? And, if that’s true, how sad is that?  Have we become so fat hating and thin obsessed we do not see beauty in people of a bigger size, or is it just that while we might see their beauty, we cannot imagine it could hold a light to their thin counterparts? Regardless of our answers this scene should give us all pause.  Pause, to wonder if perhaps we should change the way we see, the way we think, the way we feel.

In the end, what matters is that these two young kids are in love.  Now, why is it, we automatically assume it cannot possibly be love if that love is directed at someone that doesn’t fit society’s standards of ultimate thin driven beauty?  And, how troubling is it that we do?


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