What’s Eating You…and, What Are You Eating?

A bad haircut.

A crazy day at work.

Your boss is mad at you.

Your husband is mad at you.

Your friends are mad at you.

You get rained on right after you spend way too long doing your hair and picking just the right outfit for an interview.

You walked into the office late, and did not get five minutes to breathe all day.

Sometimes, one day can feel like a lot longer. A LOT longer.

And, on days like that, it’s tempting. Heck, it’s way more than tempting.

To think a few chocolate chip cookies could make it all better.

Or even a whole box of mac and cheese.

Something, some food, to take all the stress away and make everything better again.

But, it turns out, the chocolate chip cookies, and even the mac and cheese, or even both, can’t take the problems away. Sure, the taste of a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie might make you smile (how can that not make anyone smile?), and that might be alright sometimes, but that’s it. The buck stops there folks.

After that, you’re left with this.

A bad haircut.

Running late to work.

Getting rained on.

A bad day at work.

People mad at you.

And, maybe you’re a little full from all those cookies, and mac and cheese. But you’re no shorter on problems.

So, the next time you are feeling blue, try to fight the temptation to turn to food to make it all better. Because you’re asking too much of it. Way too much. Chocolate can definitely make you smile but it cannot

change your haircut.

turn back the hands of time and get you to work on time this morning.

make people not be mad at you for whatever reason they are mad at you.

make work any less crazy.

And, of course it is hard. It is very very way too easy to turn to food for comfort. And, sure, sometimes that’s okay. But, if you’re eating a few cookies and some mac and cheese and maybe even some chips, just to change that haircut or get your boss to make amends with you, chances are you’ll fail. So don’t even try it, and, instead, work on your problems. Perhaps a ponytail more often, til your hair grows out. Or, setting your alarm a little earlier and making that the last time you are late to work. Even better, maybe you can take some of those extra cookies to your boss to try to smooth things over. After all, that’s the only way a chocolate chip cookie or any food ever fixed a problem.

***And if this happens, and you do eat a little or a lot more than your body really wanted because you really wanted to forget that problem or make it go away, don’t beat up on yourself. It happens to the best of us from time to time. Get back on the horse and start listening to your body. Chances are it will lead you right back to the right path, quickly, and you might have learned a thing or two along the way.

****If you suspect that you or someone you love suffers from disordered eating and/or binge eating disorder, please seek help immediately.


One thought on “What’s Eating You…and, What Are You Eating?

  1. As usual, this is another wonderful article. Reading it, reminded me of my teenage years while rushing to make it to an interview on time all clad in an oxy-cleaned white suit. It was a rainy day, and a car sped thru the side street and sprayed muddy splash of chocolate colored water all over my white skirt. At first, I was angry and almost cursed the driver, when something hit me. Well, I said, that is surely a good omen. It still looked pretty with brown prints now. I smiled and went on my way to the interview. Then, believe it or not, I was offered the job immediately after the initial interview and acing the test. Now, that’s what I say; never let a bad thing mess up your day? Take what it’s worth for and make it a better day. I was all smiles and went home to party. Thank U girleat! Good luck 🙂

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