National Eating Disorder Awareness Week: Strength

This week is National Eating Disorder Awareness Week.

In short, this is a week to wonder.

Why so many men and women suffer.

Why we starve ourselves.

Why an obsession with extreme and unrealistic thinness has overwhelmed our popular culture.

Why the media perpetuates these unhealthy ideals.

Why we don’t put a stop to all of it now.

This is a week to ponder.

How to help the millions of sufferers.

How to live the life of a mindful, intuitive eater.

How to maintain a healthy body image.

How to change the negative media images.

How to make people see the damage they inflict with fat talk, weight-based insults, and bullying.

How to stop it now.

This is a week to celebrate.

The success stories of men and women who have overcome eating disorders.

The changes we are making in the media and popular culture.

The beginning of a national discussion on  bullying and its long-term effects on children.

The growth of organizations that encourage and promote truly healthy eating, and not dieting.

The start of the end. The end of eating disorders.

This week, take at the very least a few moments to pause, breathe deeply, and feel strong.  In this moment, you have the strength to eat intuitively. You have the strength to love yourself, and others. You have the strength to join the movement to stop it. Now. To help us help you, or others.

Join us.

Let’s end ED.


2 thoughts on “National Eating Disorder Awareness Week: Strength

    • Thank you! It means so much to me to hear that my posts reach out to someone and make someone feel good! That makes me want to keep writing, keep writing, keep writing!! And, you are absolutely right. Something in society desperately needs to change. Now. I hope that together we can accomplish that goal, all of us fighting together.

      Stay strong and take care of yourself!

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