Oh Hungry Day

Some days, you just get hungry. Over and over again. And, again. Then, again.

So, you eat. Then you eat again. Maybe you eat more at once than usual, or more each time you eat that day. Over and over again. And, again. Then, again.

These “hungry” days are days we should treasure, not days that should generate guilt, remorse, anxiety.

These “hungry” days are signals from our bodies that we need more fuel.

Perhaps you’ve been more active and burned more calories.

Maybe your body just needs a little extra to keep it going that day.

Either way, or for some other completely different reason, you should do just what your body tells you-eat.

And, feel no guilt. Feel no remorse. If you feel anxiety, take a deep breath.

Don’t fret that every day forever if you eat this much you will gain a bunch of weight. Because, chances are,

Either you won’t eat as much one day ahead, or

Your body might need more food to function.

Either way, it’s something to feel good about.

Remember, hunger is a good feeling.  Hunger is a sign our body is working.  Hunger is something we should treasure, not hate, hide, or manipulate.

Your body is a machine, and if you’re running low on gas, fill up, as many times as it takes to keep you on the road, one day at a time.


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