Spring Roll

Oh Me, Oh My, Oh Thai.

Thai food tends to be one of those easily ruled out foods with a soy allergy. And, it’s not that I have searched far and wide for the soy free Thai restaurant; it’s mainly because I’m freaked out by eating at any restaurant that cooks with that much SOY. Everywhere. All the time. So many soy filled dishes.

Because of that, I’ve learned a few Thai favorites to satisfy that absolutely will happen Thai craving every once in a while. Pad thai. Check. Thai fried rice. Check. (and, mental note to post that sometime soon). Yellow curry. Check.

But, what eluded me for a long time was something that turned out to be the simplest to make of them all. The spring roll.

Something about the semicrunchy/semitender veggies rolled in deliciously soft and pan-fried or steamed. Smile.  Food smiles rock.

So, without realizing it, somewhere along the way, I put aside the spring roll. Disregarded it. Pretended like it was not even there. Then, one day at the Whole Foods (oh, this is the beginning of almost every good food story for me, I think)…I saw them, staring at me like Oh, we’re over here! Look! Don’t you see us? Hello!

Spring roll wrappers, mmm. Must make these now. So, here we go.

Peel and chop a couple of zucchini.  Peel and chop two giant carrots.

Grate the zucchini and carrots, or throw them (and more if you like) into a food processor, until they have a grated consistency.

Now, toss a couple of teaspoons (let’s say roughly 2 teaspoons) of your favorite oil (I love sunflower oil for this) into a cooking pan, not too shallow because you want room to toss these veggies around a little.  Turn your range on low heat, so that when you add the spices to the oil they start to heat up and tingle. Okay, so they  might not tingle but they explode with taste if you do this. So do it. Starting now.

To the oil, add 1/4 teaspoon salt, and some grated ginger (or powdered ginger if you just don’t keep fresh ginger on hand. Definitely use some kind of ginger. this just needs ginger and ginger loves to be here).  You can add 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric if you like all your food to be a pretty yellow color. I’m in that group.

Then, throw in your veggies and toss them around on medium heat until they cook, for about 3-4 minutes.

Rub sunflower oil all over a piece of foil and set the foil aside. Weird, right? Don’t worry. We’ll come back to this.

Now, soak your rice wrappers in a shallow dish/baking pan/aluminum disposable tin (what, I have an apartment kitchen) until they are soft.  Lay the rice wrapper on a piece of foil that is greased with sunflower oil.

Take a portion of your veggie mix and put it right in the middle of the rice paper. Mmm, I can taste it now.

You’re getting excited, right? Of course you are.  I’m a little excited, too.

Now, wrap up the rice paper. To be extra fancy (not really), fold the sides inward and then fold the top and bottom into the center of the wrapper. 

And, this is what you get. (Once you fold the wrapper, place the spring roll in a lightly oiled pan (the skillet you cooked the veggies in is just fine when it’s just you, and people who eat with you all the time.  To make these even prettier, finish them off in a freshly oiled skillet for 1-2 minutes). 

Now, all pretty like on a plate, with sweet chili dipping sauce. (comes in a bottle at a grocery store near you)

 Mmm.  I’m hungry.


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