What’s A Girl To Do?

Sometimes, everything just does not come together.

You realize you are out of that one ingredient you absolutely must have to make the blueberry muffins you crave.

You really really wanted broccoli with dinner and all you have is spinach, or corn.

You cannot stand the idea of another apple but you don’t have any other fruit in the house.

Yup, that’s pretty much how it goes sometimes. And, most of the time, the substitutions are just a part of life.

Apple instead of a banana. Sauteeing spinach with garlic and olive oil instead of broccoli. Maybe trying waffles instead of muffins?  But, other times, other times, you just got to have it. And, in the spirit of being as adjustable as possible to avoid yet another run to the grocery store (food allergy = many many trips to grocery stores) you decide to find an alternative. After all, what else is a girl to do?

So, a couple of days ago, I was absolutely craving/Jonesing for a PBJ, like nothing else.

And, this is what I found…

That’s right. Nothing.

No PB. No AB. No B in the entire house. Now what? Short on time. Big on hunger.  And I could just taste that PBJ.

I decided to make the PB. PB can’t be that hard right? It’s peanuts and salt. That’s it…it says so right there on the label.  I can do this. Peanuts, check. Salt, check.

So, I sprinkled a little salt on some dry roasted peanuts. Then I threw them into the blender. And, I blended. Then blended some more. And, some more. And, right when I thought the whole experiment was one giant failure, it started to work.

I checked on it. It was getting creamy. Actually creamy, and smooth. This was becoming peanut butter. I did this. Go me. Go Girl Eat.

After several minutes of on and off checking, I had it.

And, it was one tasty PBJ.

Now, let’s be serious.  I’ll never make peanut butter again, not if I can help it, not when they sell a million kinds at the grocery store that I love. But, this got me thinking. 

The next time you don’t have apples/onions/butter, try something else. You never know. You might find that anything is possible.  Even better, you just might have a great food adventure and-who knows-you just might discover an even tastier result.


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