No Pressure

Work today was, well, interesting.  The morning got off to a crazy start in a race to meet deadlines that had come too fast after the holidays (despite working through much of the holidays).  Then, the chatter started. The inevitable post-holiday chatter.

From the complaints (and well deserved completely understood complaints) that the holidays were over-blah-ugh-no-to the other inevitable topic post any holiday involving food, at all.

Ugh I feel like I’ve gained ten pounds.  I have to get it off!

I cannot even look at sugar for a while.  I’ve eaten so much of it I disgust myself.

I am psyched to start my ten pounds off plan.  Now. I wish I could leave right now and work out.

Nope, no cookie for me, thanks. Not at all. I’m being good from now on.

Now, don’t get me wrong. There were definitely those of us in the man, I wish I could have slept late today too, like yesterday, yeah that was great camp. But, there were also plenty nay-sayers, ill-advisers, 2012 fretters we’ll call them.

And, the 2012 fretters all have one thing in common: pressure.

Come February are you wrecked for not having kept up with a stringently designed diet plan, a workout plan that leaves you exhausted all the time, or lofty goals that are impossible to reach but still leave you feeling worthless, guilty, down?

While resolutions and New Year’s plans are good, perhaps this year we can make these resolutions and plans and work towards them without pressure, the ugly “P” word. Perhaps this year, in 2012, we can simply try to be as healthy as we can be while we maintain our peace of mind, and our heart, and our soul.  Perhaps this year, in 2012, we can work toward our resolutions but not feel like absolute stinking failures if we don’t meet them 1000% every day, all the time.

After all, stress (i.e. pressure) is about as unhealthy as it gets (maybe even worse for you than fast food gasp okay maybe that’s just something I made up), but it is definitely unhealthy.

So, I wish you the best of luck with all your resolutions. Improving ourselves is a lofty and wonderful goal that forces us to reexamine ourselves, our lives and our dreams and focus ourselves on what truly makes us happy, whether that’s a healthy body or just a new car.

Focus yourself, and good luck. Let’s be healthy and strong. Let’s conquer our fears. Let’s fight for happiness.  But, this year, remember, no pressure.


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