Cooking, for Real

It’s a funny thing. I get so caught up in recipes, and measurements and making sure I put 1 tsp of vanilla into my apple walnut scones (oh my, apple walnut scones, I need to make some apple walnut scones, stat.

Well, this morning I spent a little time in Mom Eat’s kitchen, a joy I used to indulge in every day as a child, a teenager, and now, as an adult. Watching Mom Eat craft my favorites (ginger pancakes, yellow lentil soup) from scratch reminded me of how she cooks, for real.

No recipes.

No measurements.

Nothing but her instinct to guide her. And, man, is it good.

And, with a little bit of this, and a little bit of that, everything turned out fantastic, as always.  Watching fresh from the market ingredients turn into dinner reminded me how much fun cooking can be, not just a chore, not just a weeknight to do, but a way to feed our bodies, our souls, and bring us all together.  And, once again, I am reminded that food should not be our enemy, our frenemy, but fuel and joy and soul serving satisfaction.

Today, I forced Mom Eat to measure ingredients so that I could preserve the recipe forever. Funny how foreign it was to her to tell me how many cups of lentils were boiled, how many cups of water, how much ginger (that’s a tough one, even I admit) went into her perfect yellow dal (Indian lentil soup).  But, she did it, and now I have the recipes for you. 

Thanks, once again, Mom Eat for the delicious food, the fun time, and the inspiration.


2 thoughts on “Cooking, for Real

  1. I’m always impressed by people who can improvise anything they cook. I gauge ingredients in stovetop cooking, but I don’t trust myself to do it with baking. Your mom has skills! That’s a good idea to try to accurately measure her recipes to preserve them. I look forward to the day when I can pass down my recipes to my son! : )

    • so true. the baking part is crazy! she definitely has talent.

      I’m happy I finally thought to measure her recipes so I could preserve them. My instinct isn’t always right on cue like hers! Amazing how one of her staples always makes me feel better…I’m sure your son will treasure your recipes, too!!

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