Resolutions, and Happy New Year 2012

It is that time of year again, for resolutions.  And, this year, let’s all make resolutions (if we choose to make resolutions at all) that we can meet, or at the very least to which we can aspire.

We should not set ourselves up to fail. We should set resolutions that are goals, aspirations, dreams even, but nothing that can haunt us later or force us to feel guilt, self-blame. After all, that completely defeats the purpose of a resolution.

A New Year’s resolution should drive us, and help us find our way towards the things that make us happy. Finding sadness and guilt along the way is no way to live in 2012.

So, this year, let’s celebrate our resolutions, let’s live our lives to the fullest, and let’s treat ourselves as well as we deserve to be treated, and that’s very very well.

I asked all of you to submit your resolutions to me.  Thank you for your submissions, comments.

Resolutions 2012:

#1 Be happy. 

#2 Spend more time with family and friends.

#3 Travel. (I’m already making a must see places in 2012 list, if at all possible. I try to set myself up to see a few new places in the world every year).

#4 Spend less time worrying about how I look. (always good)

#5 Spend more time worrying about how I feel. (also good)

#6 Cook more. (my own personal resolution? one new recipe each week. go girl eat!)

#7 Exercise more. (my own personal resolution? 30 minutes of activity every day that is not something I already do, like walking at work, to and from work in my commute, staying active at work or doing household chores)

#8 Lose weight. (Now, here’s a tough one. If you are losing weight for health purposes, really and truly, or to feel better about yourself, more power to you, but please do not let society’s images of true and ideal beauty skew your goal.)

#9 Dress better. Go for it, and define your style. Nothing is more fun than finding your own style niche.

#10 Spend less money. This is a good and lofty goal. Good luck with it. So far, in 2011, I’ve found watching the drops in every bucket helps a lot more than just taking away spending all together.

Have a wonderful 2012. Enjoy yourself, your loved ones, and food, wholly and heartily.

Happy New Year 2012 Everyone. May this year bring you health, peace, love, and joy.


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