Going to Extremes

For the last few days, I’ve seen a commercial for the Dr. Oz show today, Friday.  This morning, on the Dr. Oz show, a woman who weighs over 700 lbs. came on the show to talk about how she does not want to lose weight, how she wants America to appreciate her regardless of her size, or, precisely because of it, and how some people actually derive pleasure from seeing overweight and obese women eating.

I of course missed the show because of work but I caught clips of it on commercials and, almost fatefully, our office lobby was playing the show as I walked out for a few minutes mid-morning.

What has happened to us, America?

Why do we go from the extreme of women in the fashion and modeling industry (and everywhere else) starving themselves in the name of “beauty” to a woman that refuses to lose weight to save her life under the premise of celebrating “fatness” and forcing America and the world not to judge a person by his or her size?

We must value the one thing that supercedes any of this, the fetishes, the adult industry, the fashion and modeling industries, wealth, fame, attention, HEALTH.

Assuming as I am sure that Dr. Oz was absolutely astonished by this person and her fight to die (as I call it), he must be just as astonished by the number of women starving themselves in the name of “health” or “beauty”.  No one should be judged by his or her size, and we should live in a world where we do not judge each other by our covers but instead by what is inside each of us, our true beauty.

A lot of what I write here speaks to this point, but today, I speak only of one thing. Health.

Be healthy. Your body is your machine. Treat it well and it will serve you well for years to come. Treat it badly and you will suffer the effects. It is that simple.

Now, that does not mean never drinking a soda or never eating cookies. It’s a machine and, along with the other half of your health (your mind), it can take a little candy from time to time.

In the end, it seems there is only one place for us to settle. Right in the middle.

And, with all the magazines, television shows, commercials, blogs, websites, programs, centers, sometimes it is easy to lose sight of what we are all working for. Health.

Not so thin we do not have energy or fun,

Not so heavy that we are slowly dying,

but in a place where we feel good each day, have the energy to live, and want to smile.

Let’s keep our eyes on the prize.  Thank you, Dr. Oz, for reminding us what the prize really is.


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