Oh, Ramen

Oh Ramen noodles. You take me back.

Late nights studying (studying, yes, that’s right, studying) in college, when a hot bowl of Ramen noodles just made everything better. I still remember that blue package, filled with noodle goodness. “Oriental” flavor. Oh, that was my favorite.

Years later, I crave those noodles. Thin wiry strands of soft floury goodness. Mmm, salty salty ramen. I love you. And yet soy filled packets to flavor those noodles I could not have. And, also….

Years later, I want those noodles, just maybe a tad bit healthier. A tad bit, but still tasty.  Now, how can I accomplish that goal?  And, fast forward, to one delightful day at Whole Foods Market (oh, Whole Paycheck,  you are worth every single penny).  And, all of a sudden I see them, like a glaring ray of light striking me in the eyes. Ty-Ling Chinese Naturals noodles.

They look like ramen. Through the package they feel like ramen. On the label, they also look way healthier than ramen. Now, these noodles don’t come with an easy flavor pack but they do come with bunches of soft floury tiny wiry strands of noodle goodness. Mission accomplished. Now, for a ramen noodle meal.

Early on, my mom taught me to take an ingredient like ramen noodles and turn them into a meal, and, while this might seem like an easy task, finding the right veggies and the right protein can be hard, and, when I came home from the grocery store that day I wanted ramen noodles. Fast. Faster. Now.

So, I threw the zucchini and carrots I had in the fridge into some sunflower oil, celery salt, turmeric (oh, I love that golden color), salt and pepper, and grated ginger.  Use whatever veggies you have on hand.  Stir fry the yumness. Yes. And, after a while, stirring all these veggies around might seem redundant but it is a great start to a tasty, healthy meal.

Once the veggies start to brown, throw in a couple of egg whites (or whatever protein source you prefer)

Stir fry until your protein source is cooked, then add 1 1/2 to 2 cups of veggie broth (or any broth you prefer), and, cover.

Once the broth comes to a boil, add in a handful of Ty-Ling ramen noodles (they will expand upon cooking).

Cover the skillet, leaving a small gap for air to escape, and cook for 3 minutes on medium heat, leaving the broth at a rolling boil/simmer (just like the Ty-Ling packet tells you to do),

Oh, just look at those noodles.  Eat me! they scream.

After three minutes, when you hear the glorious sound of your timer going off, uncover the skillet and pour the noodly soupy goodness into a bowl. If you prefer less soupy noodles, cook in skillet on medium heat until more of the liquid vaporizes.

Now, let’s eat. Now, that’s ramen.


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