Working Girl

Some days, I wonder what it would be like if I did not go to work.  I wonder what it would be like to have the time to play with food, and recipes, and ingredients to create perfectly delicious dishes, every day. Oh, the dream.

And, if and when that day ever comes, I will remember this moment of dreaming and smile.

Until then, let’s focus on life as it is, right now. Work. Work. More work. Then, come home.

Most nights, I also wonder about what to make for dinner, what ingredients I have, how long a dish will take to prepare, my food mood for the evening.  And, I wonder it all very quickly, because I don’t have a whole lot of time to spare.

Between a day job and dishes and errands and laundry, there is not too much time in my day to plan out and prepare a perfectly delicious dinner, so, some days, I make a different choice.

Eating nutritious, healthy and tasty food is important to me. Some days there are things that are just as important though.

Like a really good movie on television.

Like spending some time with my family, or Boy Eat.

Like resting before another work day.

Those days, I take a break. Sometimes I order pizza. Others, I take the offer of a helping hand from a variety of companies that produce nutritious, healthy, and tasty food and freeze it for later. Aaaah, frozen food. The wonder.

I know that in foodie world frozen food just might not rank at the top, or even the middle of the food ladder, but, sometimes, just sometimes, it’s nice to pull out a frozen meal, open, and let the oven do the work for you. No cleanup. No mess. No time.

Instead, you can sit down to a perfectly delicious dinner, spend time with family, watch that really good movie on television, and relax. After all, if you’re a working girl like me, that time is hard enough to come by without your depriving yourself of it the few chances you get.

So, despite the abundant reasons for preparing your own meal, sometimes, a little compromise is worth it. And, if you pick the right meal, it might not even be that much of a compromise.

Tonight, I thank Nature’s Promise for their delicious ravioli, Alexia for their divine garlic bread, and me, for some pretty tasted roasted beets and potatoes to go alongside (see there, I even ate my veggies).

Now, onwards. There’s a rerun of Dexter I have to go find.


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