Detox Dilemma

Recently, I watched an acquaintance of mine begin a seven day juice detox.  To lose weight. To rid her body of toxins. To “get ready for the holidays.”

I watched, numb, as she straggled her way from one side of the room to the other.  I asked what exactly a seven day juice detox did not allow.  Asking what was allowed would have been easier.

No animal products

No grains

No added sugars

So, fruits and veggies, more veggies than fruit, blended into juices, and smoothies, with a little soymilk thrown in for “good measure.”

Juice. Juice. Then, more juice.

These detox diets/fads/trends are popping up everywhere.  Lose weight, feel great, with the FlexiCleanse! (which, by the way, is not so flexible)

7 days to your dream body with the green juice detox! Celeb-approved! (would you do anything an unnamed celebrity asked you to? Or, for that matter, a named celebrity? An Oscar does not make you a Doctor)

These “nothing but fruit and juice” speed diets cannot be a good idea.

No protein? Lose muscle

Low calories, no calories? Lose energy

No chocolate? No bread? No pasta? Ok, you’ve lost me.

Turns out, these quick to be thin and “toxin-free measures” might not just be bad for you because you suffer for seven days without chocolate, or bread, or pasta! 

Chances of keeping weight off after such a drastic, extreme, and sudden measure are slim. And, in the process, you lose muscle mass, so while the scale may be friendlier, lifting a bag of groceries might get harder. And, muscle mass is not a piece of pie to rebuild.

Also, your body is in starvation mode for most of the time. Ten seconds out of detox and I guarantee I’d want a large pizza. All to myself. And, cheesy bread.

And, perhaps worst of all, it turns us, once again, into dictators of a machine that does better off on its own. The human body has its own built in detoxification system. Liver. Kidneys. Etc.

I’m no doctor. Or scientist. But, I do know this.  Feeding your body spinach juice can’t keep it running, no matter how “good it might be for you.”


4 thoughts on “Detox Dilemma

  1. Sometime ago, I did a three day detox using unfiltered apple juice. While it did do a great job, I felt the additional sugar, which made the experience more enjoyable, wasn’t all that good for me.

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