Happy Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, I am grateful.

Grateful for my health.

Grateful for my family.

Grateful for all of the blessings in my life.

This Thanksgiving, I will enjoy myself, and I want all of you to enjoy the holiday, too.

Every day we worry, about work, family, to do lists, bills, our futures, our pasts, our presents. Thanksgiving comes but once a year and it is a wonderful day to be thankful, grateful, to appreciate all of the blessings that each of us has been granted.

With all of that worry and strife, Thanksgiving is a day that should be enjoyed. Without worry. And still, unfortunately, many will worry about how many calories they consume tomorrow, how to work off the Thanksgiving meal, what the best way is to tackle the food.  Articles scream of a healthier Thanksgiving, and that’s fine. Bringing health to our tables is a choice we get to make every day. Nutrition is a great goal any time of year.

But, turns out the best strategy, the easiest strategy, to “tackle T-Day dinner” is the strategy that serves you all year round. Not on holidays. Not on your birthdays. Not on Wednesdays. The best strategy is to listen to the part of you that knows-your body.

Eat what your body wants, in quantities it wants, and enjoy yourself. Eat yourself full. Maybe even a little overfull (gasp!) and don’t worry about it. Tomorrow’s meal won’t break the bank, or all of your “body goals.” It can’t. It’s not possible.

So, tomorrow, when friends and families gather, or you sit down to T-Day dinner on your own, enjoy the food. Savor every bite. Eat dessert if you want it. Eat it the next day if you’re too full. It’s not going anywhere, but be honest with yourself.  And be grateful for the food we have to eat. And that we get the choices of what to eat. When to eat. How much to eat.

And, take the time to enjoy what’s truly important. And, that’s everything that goes with the food, not the food itself. And, thanks to Mama Pea, I realized once again how important it is to give back. So, if you get the chance, give back today to the people out there that don’t have the luxury of worrying about calories. Give back to those who just want food for dinner tomorrow. And, remember, in the big picture, that’s what really counts.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone. Enjoy.


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