In two years there has been one holy grail of restaurants that has escaped my soy free reach.  The restaurant that does not exist. The soy-free allergy friendly eat my heart out cheese dip I love you Mexican restaurant.

And, over time, I made it work. Well, restaurant world, you cannot welcome me with fresh made at your table guacamole? I will master guacamole.  So, mexican restaurants universal, you have to use soybean oil to fry tortilla chips, cook beans, blend salsa?? Well, then it is mexican food I have to master.

Now, I understand that “mexican” food means my own Americanized version of what I have always considered mexican food to be, from my own lifetime experiences eating in “Mexican”restaurants, here and in Mexico. And, I am sure that also means that the “Mexican” food I speak of may speak only remotely to a person of actual Mexican descent, so bear with me, and please do not take offense to my description of my favorite “Mexican” foods.

Creamy, melty, spicy cheese dip (mmm, queso)

Cool, refreshing, buttery, fill me up so good guacamole

Tangy, tart, and sublime mango salsa




You  name it, I love it.

I’m a “Mexican” at heart-even if it is an Americanized one.

Well, it is not so often that I feel like preparing this kind of spread from scratch. With work, and life, and everything in between, stuff gets in the way of house guacamole. And queso. Although, nothing should ever get in the way of making queso. Nothing. Not EVER.

This year, I turned 33 years old, and for my birthday, Mom Eat made a delicious Mexican fiesta, with all the fixings, all the favorites, and no soy. And, for that, I realize I have the best Mom Eat in the world. And the best taste in food.

And, the best part? I realized once again that an allergy cannot stop me from enjoying food. It may take more time. It may take more work. But, it will not take my queso.

Oh this spread. I want to eat again. Now.

And, if loving queso is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

 Cilantro, salt and olive oil blended then poured into hot rice. Tastes like a miracle. A sweet culinary miracle.

My plate (ahem, cough cough, my first plate)

Mom Eat’s version of Chilaquiles in the center. Corn tortillas baked with cheese, homemade salsa (tomatoes, onion, cilantro), and black beans (cooked with cumin, cilantro, paprika, and garlic, and a touch of lemon). For leftovers I am grateful.

Thanks, Mom Eat. Thanks for making me realize once again that I can enjoy all the food in the world.


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