Food Rut

Work has been nuts. Crazy. Insane. And, in the midst of it all, I ran into the same meals. Over and over again. Over and over again.

And, sure, in the busy times, the crazy hectic times, it was fine. I was hungry. I wanted food. And food, there was.

But, when things finally calmed down and I could take a breather I realized I was in a rut.

A pit.

A hole.

Not a pretty hole.

I needed something different. something tasty. something new.  I needed just that. I needed newness.

Meal after meal, day after day, it had become super easy to eat the same things. Over and over again. Over and over again.

And, as much as I cared about the nutrition that comes with eating different foods, a variety of foods, now, I was concerned with something else altogether. Taste.

The feeling when you bite into something that makes you scream holy pleasure. Well, that was exactly what I needed.

So in an effort to break out of my food rut, I searched Recipes. Meal Plans. Food websites. Cookbooks.  I realized pretty quickly that the day job that kept me too busy to eat new things would most likely interfere with my newfound plan to try new foods all the time, every single time. Oh yes, each meal I wanted to taste something fabulous. Over and over again.

So, I compromised. I found a way to make everything happen. Day job. Night life.

Each week I would take one new recipe, meal idea and make it happen. Any night of the week I felt like eating something different, or the same night each week if that made it easier. And, for the last three weeks, I did it. And it felt wonderful.

Surprise yourself today. If it’s oatmeal for breakfast and a salad for a lunch then a routine dinner of pasta or rice and meat or beans and broccoli or carrots, change the routine.  Change the side dish or vegetable.  Try a new cooking sauce. Start small, but think big.

Every step counts, and, the day you do sit down to that new tasting dinner, it will all be worth it. And you’ll want it again. Over and over again.


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