Fat Talk Free Week

This weekend, I learned on Twitter from a trusted follower and eating disorder specialist (check out her blog, marciRd.com) that we are campaigning. celebrating. supporting. encouraging. fighting.

We campaign for and celebrate and support and encourage and fight for Fat Talk Free Week.

For seven days, men and women refrained from any form of fat talk. How many times in the course of our delicate, beautiful lives do we hear this ugliness?  Is this really what we want to hear? to believe?

Did you see that tight dress she was wearing? Someone her size…

Look at him. He does not need those fries.

She should work on her weight now, before it gets to be too much.

Oh, my thighs look so fat in these jeans. No dessert tonight. I look hideous.

Let’s face it. Thin is in and it will always be in.

We are all guilty. We speak fat talk. Listen to fat talk. Let fat talk go by without correction, admonishment.  These fat talk phrases kill us, slowly.  They encourage disordered eating and unhappiness with our bodies, and dysfunction in our minds and our souls.  They do not celebrate health. true beauty.

We hurt ourselves and each other by speaking/listening to/hearing/allowing/perpetuating fat talk.

I urge you, now and always, to stand up against Fat Talk. To help create a world where we do not judge a person by his or her size. To fight for a world where people lose weight to be healthy, truly and medically speaking healthy, and not just to fit into a smaller size for the sake of size alone.

Let us celebrate ourselves, our bodies, our differences.

Let us be happy with ourselves.

Happy Fat Talk Free Week, everyone.  Let’s make it last.



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