Happy Birthday Cupcake

Every year we each get only one birthday. One sweet day to celebrate our year, our joys, our successes, our life. 

This weekend I celebrated Mom Eat’s birthday.  More than anything else, my pleasure came from being able to celebrate another year with the woman who taught me how to turn simple ingredients into delicious food.

Growing up, Mom Eat cooked everything from scratch and made sure we ate a home cooked meal every night of the week, an accomplishment I did not really treasure until I entered the working world myself and realized that slicing a potato after work can sometimes seem like too much. Just too much. But, Mom Eat never stopped, and never will.  To this day, we cannot visit her without coming home with handfuls of delicious food.

This weekend, I decided to celebrate Mom Eat, with cupcakes-one food she taught me to love.  I have written about this before, but I have very fond memories of walking to the cupcake shop with Mom Eat when I was a little girl.  Oh, how we loved cupcakes. We still do. And, despite all the changes over the years, that has not changed. Our love for cupcakes will never change, and it will always be something we share.

I made cupcakes from scratch. gasp!  I had never tried my hand at cake baking from scratch, not really. I always leaned on a cake mix to get me through.  A security blanket cake mix always made me feel like if nothing else worked then the cake would. The cake was already done. Add oil. That I was comfortable with. But this? Real baking? From scratch? I scoured for recipes and took a stab at it.

When the ingredients came together I realized I was actually having a lot of fun.  My worries melted away.  This was turning into something good; I could feel it.  Flour, eggs, sunflower oil, lemon juice, sugar and iced them with a deliciously light lemon icing. Oh me. Oh my. Lemon cupcakes.

Happy birthday Mom Eat. And thanks for all the cupcakes. This is the least I could do, in return.


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