Meal Plan Fail

Life can get crazy. Quick.

Sunday afternoon dwindles into Sunday evening but then, gasp!, suddenly, out of the freaking blue, comes Monday morning, rushing at you like waves into the shore, breaking the peace of soft, settled sand.

The weekend lulls you into a harmonious mental slumber.  You eat what you want, when you want.  You sleep when you want, for how long you want.  You can shower once, twice, three times. You can wear pjs all day on Saturday, get dressed up Saturday night and fall back into the pjs for Sunday. Oh, weekend world. Pure delight.

Then, Monday comes, and with it, comes the rush.  The rush of weekdays.  The rush of morning. Breakfast grab and go. Shower in a rush. Dress in a rush. Eat in a rush.

And, with that, comes the idea for a meal plan.

Now, while I absolutely admire everyone out there that can craft a meal plan for the week, it never works for me. Never. Not once. Because, without fail, when I plan out what I want to eat from now until Friday, my mood changes. And I’m stuck. In meal plan fail world. Monday night comes. Veggie quesadillas. But I don’t feel like eating veggie quesadillas. I don’t want veggie quesadillas. Not for money do I feel like eating veggie quesadillas. Fail. Fail. Meal Plan Fail.

So, I wonder. Is meal plan fail actually a success? Does it mean that I am actually choosing to listen to my body over my desire to plan my life into minute detail for convenience during the week?

Then, it hit me. Why not stock my fridge with what I needed to make a bunch of different things. Generic food items that could be turned into many different creations. More like ingredient planning. Then, the meal planning would come. Each day, in my head, depending on how I felt, and what I felt like eating. And, each day, I enjoyed eating that craved meal.

Sure, I can still cook my rice/pasta in advance, prechop my veggies, wash and trim herbs.  But, each day, my dinner was still a surprise. A sweet, culinary surprise.

Ultimately, it is a boon if you can plan your meals days in advance and enjoy them every night.  But, after a few meal plan fails, I’ve realized it doesn’t work for me. And, maybe, despite the extra time it takes every evening to create the meal in my head and execute it, it is not failure, but success.


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