What DID I Eat Today?

Today was a whirlwind.  From waking up, to house chores and errands, to a birthday party, the time went fast. Super super fast. And, there was not much time to think. About what to wear. What to do first. What to eat.

Sometimes, at the end of a rushed day like today it is easy to forget what I ate. And that is just fine with me.

When I dieted or was “eating healthy”, what I ate was first priority.  Eating became a task, a duty, a mission, every single day, every single meal, without fail. It was so important to me what I ate. When I ate. How much I ate. There’s no telling what I missed out on because I was too busy thinking about food.

As life has taken over, I’ve begun to enjoy myself,  and let food take the seat in my life I want it to have, backseat passenger. Not driver. Not in charge.

Today was fun. I ran around town. I dressed up. I enjoyed a birthday party, and all because I could throw together lunch. Pick up dinner. And just go with it.

Too many people suffer from fooditis of some kind. Food has become so important in their lives (and not the cooking/foodie-ing/relishing/creating food but the watching/counting/diarying food) that they forget what is most important. To live their lives.

Today it did not matter to me what I ate. My body led the way.

Today it did not matter to me how much I ate. I stopped when I was full.

Today it did not matter to me how many times I ate. I ate when I was hungry.

In between, I enjoyed the rest of my life. And that felt good.

If you are struggling with any form of fooditis, consider how much fuller life could be if food took a backseat in your life. Imagine a life where you could still be healthy/nutritionally sound, and not spend most of your life worried about/planning/counting/measuring food. Today, spend some time wondering whether that is a life you would prefer. And if so maybe we can all push food into the backseat-and enjoy it as one part of our otherwise unbelievable ride.


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