I’m Allergic To…Self Diagnosis

Throughout my entire history of doctor, test, doctor, test, sick, food, what, rash, swollen glands, sick, what,

I wondered what could be wrong with me. When I ate I felt sick. When I _____ I felt sick. And, all along it was one simple but oh not simple at all thing, and one test, one beautiful God send RAST blood test, figured it all out for me. A food allergy.

In stores now I see so many options. Gluten free. Soy Free. Dairy Free.

And, I wonder, do all these people buying all these foods have an allergy? An intolerance?

Some people tell me, I cannot digest _______.

_________ does not agree with me.

I cannot eat ________________.

I’m allergic to _____________.

Other people have completely eliminated dairy/soy/wheat/corn/peanut/legumes from their diets, without any consultation with a medical professional and have lost all the nutrients from dairy/soy/wheat/corn/peanut/legumes in the process.

And, while, as human beings, we all have the power to choose our food, I have to stop and wonder. Could this many people be allergic or intolerant to or sick from all these foods, or, have people, out of frustration and illness, decided their diagnosis without medical consultation?

A food allergy is a serious diagnosis. Eating something you are allergic to can cause hives, swollen throat glands, anaphylaxis, headache, nausea, indigestion, among other maladies. Getting sick after you eat something does not equal an allergy nor should anyone lightly eliminate an entire food from their diet, without medical advice. 

Some food intolerances can be helped,  like taking Lactaid for a lactose intolerance.

Sometimes, food just makes us sick, for any or no reason at all.

So, see your doctor today, and let the doctor figure out everything you CAN eat before deciding on your own what you CAN’T EAT.


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