The Picture of Health

Surfing the internet on a Sunday morning after a long, leisurely breakfast is one of my absolute pleasures.  With the crazy starts that the workweek brings, Sunday morning is water in the desert.

Waking up late. Sharing pancakes with Boy Eat. Although the occasional Sunday morning means a run to the office or heading out to run errands, Sunday mornings should be SLOW.

On this somber Sunday morning, I was looking for something to lift my spirits.  My heart was sad for everyone who mourned the loss of loved ones on this tenth anniversary of the greatest tragedy I had seen in my lifetime. A day when the peace and safety that embodied America was torn to shreds. A day when heroes fought hard. A day we will never forget.

I looked to the internet for good spirits. What I found did not leave me in good spirits.

Unfortunately, today, I found a story that left me even sadder.

Now, before I begin my tiny maybe tirade on what I saw, I should say this. I do not know even know this person.  She is a celebrity.  I have never read about her before. I don’t know anything about her life, her health, her eating habits, so I do not want to sit in judgment of her at all.

But, but, her photo. Really? That’s healthy? That’s growing into your body? That’s reaching womanhood?

She looks pallid, weak, her skin sunken in, her cheekbones protruding from her face.  She is devastatingly thin.  Is this beauty? Is this healthy?

Recently signed on to a modeling agency? Of course. And the director of that agency says what? They encourage HEALTHY. Really?  Is this the example we want to set for countless young people, all over the world of what a model (of beauty) should look like?

And, so, today I ask:

How long will we allow ourselves to listen to this garbage?

How long will we be assaulted with photographs of unhealthy young people-men and women-who are clearly not healthy?

How long will young men and women have to deal with this image as the ideal of beauty?

How many lives have to be lost before we sit up and pay attention? Before we stand up and scream out loud: We will not take this anymore.

Images of healthy women are seriously lacking in our world. Seriously lacking.

Why do we let this happen?

I am a shopper. I want to see models look healthy=beautiful.  Why can WE NOT UNDERSTAND THAT HEALTHY IS BEAUTIFUL?

I thank the media for reporting the story. Getting the information out. Making people see.

I hope she is healthy. I hope that she is just growing into her body. I hope to God she is not not eating, or restricting, or engaging in any other destructive behavior. But look at her picture. Ask yourself. Is this healthy?


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