Dining Out

Every day more and more articles are written that give us advice on how to dine out-healthy.

Now, for people who eat out every.single.day or for every.single.meal or for people who need to lose weight, these tips are helpful.

For the rest of us, no thank you.  When I dine out,

and I do not dine out every.single.meal or every.single.day,

I want a tasty meal

I want to enjoy the experience, the ambience, the lights, the music, the action,

I want umami. Pure culinary pleasure, at its finest.

I want to try new things, made in new ways,

I dont want to know how many calories are in my pizza. Not. Ever.Do not tell me.

I don’t want only steamed, boiled, baked food. I can eat that food, at home (and most of the time I need more than that, even at home) 99% of my life is decently healthy. So, when I eat out, I don’t necessarily want the healthiest item on the menu.

A recent trend is to list calorie counts on restaurant menus.  This is helpful in places where we eat all the time, for people who for medical reasons or otherwise are trying to lose weight and need to lose weight or maintain their weight.  For the rest of us, the occasional restaurant meal cannot derail an otherwise healthy eating plan. Of course it cannot.

So on the rare occasion that you get to dine out, eat out, enjoy.  And if you don’t choose the healthy option, do not fret.  You can eat steamed veggies again, at home, tomorrow.


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