Float Away

In a world where work, family, everything can stress us out, relaxation is key to our health and well-being.  Sometimes, that is easier said than done.

This weekend, I worked-on Saturday.  Ugh. Aargh. Brfghjghjh. And, this morning, when I woke up, it hit me.  You have to work today.  followed by…whine whine complain.

And, all day, at work, I could not wait for the moment, showered, refreshed, I would sit down and eat dinner with boy eat. 

Funny thing is, when I was growing up, if someone told me I would crave that moment, that I would look forward all day to that moment, I would have said you’re crazy, and meant it.  You would have floored me if ou had said, just wait, one day, sitting down to dinner will be your luxury, ahem, luxury.

These days, dinner is a luxury, my every day luxury.  Sitting down with boy eat, talking about our day, and eating dinner is one of my favorite times each day, and not just because of the food (oh, delicious food) but because of the moments we share in peace, in quiet, unwinding, de-stressing.

Today, I spent most of my day dreaming-daydreaming-about our dinner. I could not stop thinking about particularly delicious YUM! root beer float. Mmm, the soft, creamy ice cream melted into a pool of sweet and spicy root beer, bubbling over.


And, hours later, tired, weary, happy my work day was done, I was fortunate enough to come home to a root beer float, handed to me right when I walked in the door.

Drink Me

Mmmmm. And as I sat drinking my float, boy eat made dinner.

Sometimes it is the combination of eating truly delicious food with someone we truly love to reach culinary bliss. Sometimes, watching someone cook us an amazing meal makes us smile and gives us a chance to breathe.  And, while food cannot really bring us happiness, or joy, or even stress relief, it can do this: taste incredible, and every now and then, tasty food can make us smile.  Thank you root beer float for tasting incredible.  Thank you root beer float for making me smile.  And, thank you boy eat, for everything else.

Dinner tonight did just what I wanted.  Float in hand, I did just that. Floated away.


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