Sunday Morning

Aaaah, Sunday mornings. Well rested from an entire day of weekend-dom.  Sleeping in late. No Work.

Sunday is Monday eve, though, so it brings with it a LOT.  The knowledge that this precious day is the last day of weekend-dom. Things to do. groceries to buy. clothes to get clean. apartment or home to get clean. food to prep. meals to plan. places to go. movies to see. ice cream to eat. family to enjoy. loved ones to kiss and hug and smile with before the monday to friday mania begins.

My favorite way to start a lazy (even if only briefly lazy Sunday morning) is a good breakfast (not to mention that an entire day of errands can make a girl hungry. real hungry, so a bigger breakfast just makes sense)  Monday to Friday brings the uncharming breakfast, oatmeal rushed into a plastic container, DRY cereal in a ziploc, peanut butter on crackers, a muffin eaten on my way to work, but Sunday, oh Sunday. Breakfast is not enjoyed. Sometimes, I am so hungry by the time I get to eat breakfast I suck cheerios down like a Hoover vac. That’s a lovely image.

Regardless, on Sunday morning I have the time to enjoy breakfast. Every.single.bite.  I never realized that luxury until I did not have time to enjoy it anymore-Monday thru Friday.

Banana walnut pancakes with ginger syrup (thanks to the geniuses at the Ginger People).  Almond encrusted french toast.  PB and jelly waffles.  Chocolate chip scones. MMMMMM.

Sunday morning is a morning to be celebrated.  Enjoy your next Sunday morning. Take a minute, take it slow, and enjoy the pancakes. Every.single.bite.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Morning

    • It is so freaking amazing! (thank goodness for the ginger people…they rock my ever loving world, what with their candy, and now their amazing syrup). I mixed in a little maple syrup. divine. i want pancakes again. mmmm.

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