Breakfast: It’s What’s For Dinner

Mmmm, breakfast.  I remember when I was a little girl and hash browns were like little bites of heaven. Sweet, sweet, sweet, potato heaven paradise.  In college, we studied (ahem, studied) until the wee hours of the morning some nights and then crawled out of bed starving for brunch on Sundays.  Mmmmm, brunch.  From the time when I ate home fries at Shoney’s with mom and dad to the days in that college cafeteria sucking down hash browns has always been one of my favorite activities.  Oh, sleeping at two a.m. and lazily waking up at 11.  That was the good life, well, sort of.

Through the years I’ve had my favorites.  Breakfast food has always been one of the tops on  my list. Cheesy omelettes.  Hash browns. Well, I’ve already told you about my hash brown love. Oh hash browns. Little pan fried potato wonders.  Mmmm. Where was I? Oh yes.

As the years have gone by I have tried to healthify my favorites.  I add veggies to nearly every meal.  I bake some of the things I could deep fry.  See, I’m trying. 

I don’t healthify these meals to cut calories or out of the fear that I’ll gain a pound or three, because eating these foods in moderation cannot change my entire body.  But, I do healthify them because I can no longer sleep at 2 and wake up at 11. Darnit.

Dinner...mmm...and, sorry. I guess I was hungrier than I thought. photo taken mid-meal.

I healthify these foods to feel good. That is what health is after all-feeling good. So, when I want diner food, real, yum breakfast food (and not fancy shmancy brunchy food that’s just not me and I cannot even think about  capers or hollandaise before noon it won’t happen-but that is for another time and another post)

The nights I want breakfast food for dinner, I have my go-to favorites ready at hand.  eggs. real eggs. cheese. real cheese.  hash browns in plenty. toast with butter and jelly. the good stuff. When I want breakfast food egg whites and steamed broccoli won’t cut it.   I’ve learned that sometimes, when you want something you have to have it.  Otherwise you never stop wanting it. All the time. For me, breakfast food has to taste good. Otherwise it’s not a favorite or what I crave. And, usually, after that one big plate of cheesy omelette and divine hash browns and toast, I’m done. At least until the next breakfast food for dinner craving hits. 


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