Food for Thought

I sat in the doctor’s office, nervous.  The waiting never helps.  Even having a doctor’s appointment is never easy for me, and this one was a routine follow-up, a follow-up.  Something about being reminded about the workings of the human body freaks me out. The mere thought that something could go wrong freaks me out. And I hate needles.

I sat in the little office looking around. Boy Eat sat patiently in a chair in the corner of the room. The charts around the room caught my eye. Cancer Outreach’s sign told me to eat my greens, fruits, and veggies and legumes for anti-oxidant cancer fighting protection. Heart posters talked about saturated fat and the power of exercise. I, of course, immediately decided to eat even more fruits and veggies than we do now.  Then, the physician’s assistant came in.

After the routine questions, prescription refill, and appointment talk, she asked me how often I exercise. Hmmmm. I walk. I am a very active person, but real, true exercise. Today was my first day of Zumba but I felt like that really didn’t matter.

Well, she said, we are gonna bring you in for a full annual workup soon, cholesterol, labs. Okay. No problem. I’m healthy. Sure. This will be fine.

Sitting there though, thinking about scheduling the lab work and the fasting (oh that will not be easy for me) the thoughts started swirling in my head. This is what it’s all about. This is what it comes down to. Sure, I think to myself hey I’m gonna look particularly good in a dress for an upcoming party or social event. Hey, I’ve lived well to look good in a swimsuit for a beach trip. And, there’s already thought of how much Zumba I’m gonna engage in before my own wedding, but, but…we starve ourselves to look good in that very cute bikini. we diet to fit into our skinny jeans. we stop eating chocolate for flatter abs. The women closest to me “diet” all summer because it is swimsuit season, but our hearts don’t know swimsuit season from winter.  Is it worth it?

this is what matters. living, being around, being healthy. That’s why we eat the greens, really. That’s why we try to get enough sleep and drink enough water, stay active and it turns out the skinny jeans are nice to fit into but but but!

We are in it to win it, to stay around as long as possible and enjoy all the blessings life has given us. My results are pending but I think it is a pretty safe bet that eating dessert every now and then won’t kill me, so why not strike a balance?  So, today, let’s all take a step back and say thank you to our bodies for getting us this far, and, let’s enjoy our veggies, and the occasional chocolate.


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