Supersize Me

The last time I went clothes shopping (ahem, last weekend), I stood in the fitting room, trying on piece after piece of clothing, looking for that perfect fit.

Size 6, too small?  Size 8, just right?  Since when did I become a size 8? Alright, 8. I stopped. Who cares? Who really cares what this tiny little tag on the back of my shirt says? Would I be hotter in a size 6, more desirable? Would the size 6 make me a better person?  I looked in the mirror. I looked beautiful.  The end.

There are times, standing in that tiny fitting room, or in the bedroom, or plastered across the bed, when you try your darndest to get on those very cute short shorts or those skinny jeans and they just.don’ and no matter what you do, suck it in! suck it in! and lay the other way! and boy eat, help me get these on they won’ and the first thought that creeps into your head might be, well, maybe I should go on a diet. 

Well, those aren’t the worst words in the world and I am not judging. I have said those words, thought those very same thoughts when my skinny jeans just.won’ but I think there might be a better approach, a better way, for all of us.

You can be a size 6 at store A and still be a size 8 or even a 10 in store B. Let’s face it; when stores carry double zeros (DOUBLE ZERO WHAT IN THE FREAKING WORLD ALMIGHTY) a size 8 seems ginormous.  In reality, a size 8 is a perfectly good size, as is any size that keeps you.healthy.

After all, you healthy is what this healthy living eating well thing is all about. You-living long. You-feeling good about yourself. You-healthy.

So, what’s the real harm in a size ten? Should it mean we automatically stop eating ice cream for a few weeks, and stop relishing delicious food? What it does mean is this. You have to find a size that’s right for you. YOU. Not some crazy women’s magazine that has convinced you that losing a few pounds will make you a better person. Not some website displaying actresses that could all stand to gain a little weight, well, most of them.

Now, if you can’t wear your clothes because you’ve gained weight and you feel sluggish, not like yourself and you want to lose a little weight to feel better, and look better and feel better about yourself because you look  better, no harm, no foul. Get active. Eat well. But, don’t do it because crazy thoughts of smaller sizes make you feel like less of a woman (or too much of a woman) to diet. to stop eating ice cream. to feel bad about yourself.  And, as always, if a doctor has told you that you need to lose weight well, maybe you should do it. Because that is probably healthy. 

The movement in healthy living blogs to this healthy living image is admirable-more than admirable and I am proud to be a  part of this community (well, a new part ). When we do stand in that fitting room, skinny mirror or not, or even lie on our beds hoping our jeans fit, let’s look for healthy. Let’s look for healthy because healthy is beautiful.


4 thoughts on “Supersize Me

    • Hi!
      Wordpress spammed your comment for some reason so I am just now seeing it (sorry for the delay in the reply!) Thank you so much for your sweet words! Your message made me smile-BIG! You are beautiful too, inside and out, and that is what really matters. Have a beautiful night.

    • Dear Jackie,

      Thank you for your very kind comment! I am so happy my message is getting across to people. Size is just that, a size, a number on a tag, and it certainly does not define our worth as human beings. Have a beautiful, beautiful day.
      -Girl Eat

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