Macaroni and Cheese, PLEASE

Oh how I used to love the macaroni and cheese that came from the blue box.  I would scream at the top of my lungs to my mom, Macaroni and Cheese, P-LEEEEEEEEASE.  Those soft, tender noodles swimming in Orange Number 5 sauce won me over, time after time after time.  The warm trays of Southern style baked mac and cheese sent me to food heaven, every.single.time.

As I got older (and more health conscious) I decided that macaroni and cheese might not be a healthy part of my diet as is, so I would healthify it, make it “better” for me. I tried so many different things.

  • the “lowfat” macaroni and cheese: I used skim milk and fat free cheese to make a watery and slightly salty tastes sort of like cheese sauce over pasta,
  • the “frozen meal number 5” macaroni: controlled portion, light/healthy and I feel hungry still frozen meal macaroni and cheese,
  • the “it’s not a lot but it comes in a tiny cup and all you have to do is microwave it” macaroni: add water, stir in powder, something is wrong here,
  • the “ok no more eating macaroni. this just does not work,” macaroni actually spaghetti with tomato sauce,
  • the “ok nothing has worked let’s stick to low fat macaroni in a box” macaroni,

And, while each of these I’m healthy eat me, I’m healthier than real regular, creamy, decadent, spoon it into my face macaroni and cheese tasted ok, sometimes even good, they did not satisfy me. I did not sing, macaroni and cheese, please at the top of my lungs or want to shout from the rooftop, macaroni, yes!, macaroni, please!, macaroni, right now and forever!

And then, along came the day when I decided to take the plunge and just make macaroni and cheese, the regular kind, from a box. Thanks to Annie’s (one of the greatest food companies ever and they make things that do not have soy so that I can eat them too thank God) I found macaroni and cheese all over again.

The water boiled and I started to crave it even more. I cut the foil cheese sauce packet open and smiled as I poured the orange sweet straight from the Gods cheese sauce all over the tender white pasta. I stirred it in and poured myself a big bowl.

One bite into that little bowl of noodles and I was singing. I was shouting. Heck, I even wanted to go to my rooftop. In four hundred trillion years since I had been a kid I had not eaten macaroni and cheese so divine, so take me back I could be nine again Funny thing is, I enjoyed every.single.bite and I did not even finish my bowl. I guess I was satisfied, finally.

**Credit to Annie’s for making the best boxed macaroni and cheese ever. As an update, since my rebirth with Annie’s mac and cheese I have ventured far and wide for macaroni cheese recipes that will rock my world. I tried Southern style, baked in the oven and dished onto a plate so creamy and rich one bite had me swooning.  If you know any please e-mail them to me at and I’ll make them, then post them, and share them with the world. Together, we can all enjoy mac and cheese again, P-LEEEEEEASE. 





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