Intuitive Exercising

In my journey to intuitive eating I learned to do many other things intuitively, handle relationships intuitively, work intuitively, and, above all of those things, exercise intuitively.  While my head may never want to get on a, or run, or swim, but just eat Breyers vanilla bean ice cream and watch my t.v. shows, my body would suffer for it, pretty quickly.

After many months of enjoying food again after crazy food allergy diagnosis oh my goodness what can I eat thank God for Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods world, I realized I.needed.exercise.  As much as I was enjoying enjoying food again my body craved activity, real, heart pounding, foot stomping activity. Years ago, I would run on the elliptical, trying my best to enjoy the experience by listening to music (“It’s like Ra-a-aaaaain on your wedding day,”)…it was not me. at all.

Now, for the first time, I am enjoying exercise. ENJOYING exercise. I managed this incredible feat by trying to handle exercise intuitively-finding activity I actually enjoy doing. Dancing, swimming, walking, hiking, yoga. I bop around my apartment to “raise your glass if you are wrong in all the right ways”; I go on super long walks with my fiancee on the weekends and some evenings; I enjoy a quick swim every now and then in the steam room that is outside right now.

I don’t exercise every day, for a certain amount of time, or else get mad at me. I exercise a few times a week and I stay as active as I possibly can the rest of the time.

Exercise can be okay, even fun, if you find things you love. The beauty of it is after a while it does not even feel like exercise.  The stress disappears.  The worries feel less burdensome.  I sleep better, eat better, smile more.  This might seem like the most basic simple oh my goodness of course principle in the whole world but honestly, all those days I spent on a treadmill, I would have rather been dancing.


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